Ukraine 2030 The Doctrine of Sustainable Development

Гуменна Олександра   25.03.2020 / 16:46

Ukraine 2030: The Doctrine of Sustainable Development (ADEF-Ukraine LTD, 2018) offers a program that includes complex strategies for the economic development of Ukraine. This program was developed on the basis of data that were collected and analyzed by leading economists and researchers of Ukraine. When designing strategies that will help improve the current economic situation in the country, the authors of the project evaluate both domestic and international conditions that can create a positive context for Ukraine’s economic growth. According to the contributors to Ukraine 2030, one of the strategic and fundamental components for a positive economic change is the individual: Ukraine has a remarkable potential for joining a cohort of countries with strong economies. To embrace this potential, however, the country has to deal with a number of challenges which are connected not only with the present moment (war in the Donbas and the annexation of Crimea) and which aggravate the economic stability, but also with a number of problems whose roots go back to the Soviet times. As the authors of the book note, Ukraine, in spite of the fact that she has been independent for almost thirty years, is still coping with the Soviet heritage. Ukraine 2030: The Doctrine of Sustainable Development offers an insightful overview of the present economic situation and a profound program for the economic improvement in Ukraine.



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