Ukraine 2030. The Doctrine of Sustainable Development

About the book

This book offers, for the first time, the sustainable development model of Ukraine that is based on a human-centred approach and presents new trajectory of economic growth in Ukraine by 2030. It was built in compliance with global megatrends and the goals of the millennium that are expected to affect the global economy in the coming decades. Based on both research and calculations made by the leading scientific institutions of Ukraine, it defines, in detail, a list of six inhibitory factors, which removal will consequently create preconditions for a Ukrainian ambitious economic leap.

This book describes the set of actions needed to achieve the horizons that are formulated in the eight mechanisms to become the main tool for further specialized development programs in Ukraine. The key idea of the development strategy, which is based on the identification of Ukraine’s existing economic strengths and capabilities, is to create new strategic capacities by strengthening the existing potential.